Remember Memorial Day for the right reasons

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Dear Editor:

Howdy folks. Most know me as a bleeding heart liberal but today I reach out to all political persuasions. On May 27 we will be having a National Holiday, it’s called Memorial Day. This is not meant to be a day to see how many sales you can take advantage of. It is not about mattress sales or auto discounts.

This is a day when we remember those who have died in order to preserve our freedom. It is meant to be a solemn occasion. If you have children, teach them about this day and that it sometimes costs the life of some of our service members both men and women. Take your children to a National Cemetery and show them what it costs to be free. Stop and look at an American Flag and think about the lives lost.

You may be thinking, “Larry is just some crusty, old Marine.” You would be right on that account. But I will be remembering the many friends of mine that gave their lives for our country.

Oh, please don’t answer this thanking me for my service. That comes later on in November. It’s called Veterans Day. I lived to celebrate that day, others did not.

Have a great day. Semper Fi. (That means Always Faithful)

Larry Condon