Reviewing the Past

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Following are articles as they appeared in the Ranger-Review, the Dawson County Review, and Glendive Independent, 25, 50 & 100 years ago this month.

100 Years Ago

Plenty of Employment.

Washington, Dec. 12. –––No reduction in wages can be expected for a number of years because the demand for labor will exceed the country’s supply, the house rules committee was told yesterday by Secretary of Labor Wilson. He appeared to urge the completion of legislation to provide useful and necessary public work for discharged soldiers and industrial workers. The secretary thought it would be only for a brief period if at all that the government would have to provide employment.





–––––––––––––––Washington, Dec. 26. ––– Warning to the country that the influenza epidemic is by no means ended and that all possible precautions against the disease should be taken, was issued yesterday by Surgeon General Blue of the public health service.

Reports received by the service show a recrudescence of the disease practically from one end of the country to another, and in his statement Dr. Blue advised the closing of the public schools on the first sign of the reappearance of the epidemic. He said the disease apparently now tended to occur more frequently among school children.

“Our main reliance,” Dr. Blue said, “must still be the observance of precautions by the individual person, he should cover up his coughs and sneezes and insist that others do the same.