Reviewing the Past

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Following are articles as they appeared in the Ranger-Review, the Dawson County Review, and Glendive Independent, 25, 50 & 100 years ago this month.

25 Years Ago

A shear in a city water hydrant line early Monday morning led to water damage of one downtown business and a thick layer of ice around much of the 200 block of North Merrill Avenue.

City workers braved below-zero temperatures Monday from approximately 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., hammering through ice and pavement and locating and fixing the line. The break was found at 6:30 p.m.

Public Works Director Wilbur Wallace said there was a complete snapping off of the line due to the cold weather. An estimate of how much water leaked, and for how long, was no known.

“We plugged the line off,” said Wallace. “We will leave it until spring and repair it then. Our main concern was to get water service back on.”

The main concern for Twilite Dining and Lounge owner Curly Nichols was water damage to the building.

Nichols said D&M Water Service pumped up 55 barrels (one barrel is the equivalent of 50 gallons) of water from the basement of the business. It was not known how much water was pumped out of the dining room. But, according to Nichols, water was running about an inch above the carpet in the front dining area.

“Water was squirting up about a foot and a half,” said Nichols, describing the Towne Street dining room entrance.

50 Years Ago

Workmen for D&W Steel Erectors, Rapid City, S.D., are putting the steel trusses over the new auditorium of the Dawson County High School. The trusses are 120 feet long and about six inches wide, and these surefooted workmen assembled them about 75 feet above the ground. Work on the new high school building is progressing in spite of cold weather.

- - - - -

Thrills and spills were part of the first annual Glendive Snowmobile Race, which was held at the new Dawson Community Airport Sunday afternoon, Feb. 9.

The weather was perfect for the races and a reported 400 cars were parked in the limited parking area. A number of cars reportedly couldn’t find parking space, and apparently returned to town.

But a grand total of 72 machines were entered in the various events, with Williston racers taking three of the first place trophies, and contestants from Circle taking two.

Circle racers apparently took home the largest number of trophies, with Miles City snowmobilists in second place for number of trophies won.

100 Years Ago




Milwaukee, Dec. 24.–––Dominick Costello, charged by his wife in a sensational expose of the activities of the Milwaukee black hand, with making and placing the bomb which killed 10 detectives and police with one woman in the Milwaukee central police station on November 24, 1917, has been arrested at Lancaster, Pa. Local authorities confirm news of the capture and will send a detective to bring Costello back.

The bomb originally was found near an Italian church in the Third ward, and was supposed to have been timed to explode while church was being held that evening. The missile was brought to the central station, by a messenger and exploded while being examined in the detective room.