Reviewing the Past

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Following are articles as they appeared in the Ranger-Review, the Dawson County Review, and Glendive Independent, 25, 50 & 100 years ago this month.

25 Years Ago

Harold Ullman of Glendive gathered pamphlets and information during Monday’s Dawson County Health Fair. The health fair stayed busy throughout the day, with variety of activities, such as blood screening and medication review, drawing good crowds. Participants seemed to like this year’s process for blood pre-drawing better than the process used in previous years, as blood was drawn earlier and results were picked up at the health fair. This eliminated long lines for blood drawing.

- - - - -

Community Transportation Enhancement Program funds have been approved by the Montana Department of Transportation in offering funding for the restoration of Bell Street Bridge.

The proposal was approved for the rehabilitation and operation of historic transportation, building, structures or facilities. A total of $572,461, including the grant and local match money, will be available for the estimated $630,000 restoration of the bridge for pedestrian and bicycle use, and the continued use of five utilities.

Richey, included in the CTEP proposal, was awarded a $60,000 grant for improvements of sidewalks on Main Street. Ed Hedlund of the DOT stated that negotiations are being prepared with bidding for consulting firms being the final step before the projects can begin.

“We anticipate to work on the bridge this fall,” said Dawson County Commissioner Doug Barone.

50 Years Ago

Two burglaries Saturday night apparently netted nothing for the burglars.

The Glendive Police Department reported break-ins at the Peavey Elevator and at Guelff Lumber Company, but nothing was reported missing at either place.

Entry was gained by breaking the glass in doors.

- - - - -

Openers in the Eastern Division Class B Basketball tournament will start at 3:30 this afternoon, with Baker and Fairview hitting the boards in the first game, and Scobey and Nashua set to compete in the second game at 7:30 p.m.

The competing Class B teams will come from Circle, Nashua, Fairview, Baker, Scobey and Poplar.

Other activities scheduled during the three day tournament include a smoker to be held tonight and tomorrow night after the final games at the Elks Hall, for coaches and school officials, sponsored by the Glendive Chamber of Commerce and Miles City Sporting Goods. A luncheon will be served at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the Moose Lodge for coaches, players, managers and cheerleaders, sponsored by the Glendive Chamber of Commerce.

The tournament will be held in the Dawson County High School gymnasium from February 27, through Saturday, March 1.

100 Years Ago




Unprecedented Reception

is Given by People

of French Metropolis

Paris, Dec. 17. ––– The arrival of the various officials to meet President Wilson has now been arranged for. Premier Orlando and Foreign Minister Sonnino of Italy will reach here tomorrow. The British prime minister, David Lloyd George, and Foreign Secretary A.J. Balfour will probably reach Paris Saturday or Sunday. With Premier Clemenceau, the presence of these peace delegates will permit of discussions between the four leading powers, Great Britain, France, the United States and Italy.

The inter-allied conferences probably will assemble next Monday, but the sessions will be brief, not exceeding two days.

The initial meeting of the inter-allied conference probably will be held in the French war office, and will give President Wilson his first opportunity to meet the delegates around the conference table. After two days the various leaders separated for the Christmas holidays.

During the intervals between official calls and visits, the president was engaged in affairs of state, much after the manner of his procedure in the White House offices. He did considerable business over the telephone, just as at home.

President Wilson had been insisting that the American peace mission organize its machinery so that the people of the United States could begin to know what is happening. Meanwhile the mission is trying to get itself settled so as to begin preliminary work.

Joseph C. Grew, formerly counselor at the American embassy in Vienna, took charge of the official announcements, which would be ordinarily transmitted to the United States. He had as assistance Ray Stannard Baker and Maximillian Foster.

Will Visit Battle Front.

Christmas eve the president went to American General headquarters. From headquarters he proceeded to the American front. He had Christmas dinner with the American troops, and not with the American commander in chief or other officers.

From this statement it would seem evident that it was the purpose of the president to have Christmas dinner on German territory with the American forces of occupation.