Rosendale is a blessing to Montana voters

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Dear Editor: I fail to see the importance of a person being born in Montana to be qualified to run for a senate seat in this state. Matt Rosendale came to Montana, bought land here and learned to love this state like many others have. I’d be willing to guess that Tester doesn’t know all the ins and outs of the Obama Iran Deal, just that it’s Obama’s Deal. If you read the Primary Election Voter Guide Matt has several good ideas for creating high paying jobs and working to reduce regulations that block them. Since Obama Care has limited our choice of doctors and raised insurance premiums and deductibles that make health care unaffordable, finding a new affordable kind of health care makes sense. Matt is for protecting our Constitutional freedom including 2nd Amendment and is prolife. He is for allowing tax payers to keep more of their hard earned money and has reduced spending and regulations in his job as State Auditor. As I see it Matt Rosendale is a blessing to Montana voters. I’m glad he chose to come here. Sincerely,

Doris Storlie