Rosendale lacks the gravitas for higher office

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Dear Editor:

I’ve learned that Glendive’s wealthy Maryland transplant, Matt Rosendale, is a Republican primary candidate for the US Senate. My curiosity led me to look at his web page. One of the items says “I am absolutely opposed to Obama’s Iran Deal, which puts Iran on track to be the next North Korea. We must prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. I will support President Trump in renegotiating this terrible deal.”

As a Glendive native, former International Atomic Energy Agency nuclear safeguards inspector, health physicist in underground nuclear weapon testing, and member of teams that respond to nuclear terrorism and nuclear weapon accidents, I believe this reflexive shallow comment shows serious lack of depth and is very misleading. The deal was negotiated over nine years by both the Bush and Obama administrations and is a multi-national [including Russia, China, Germany, France and the UK] deal. The never-ending inspection regime is highly intrusive and Iran has been living up to the terms of the deal. The plutonium pathway has been closed and the uranium pathway has been deeply curtailed. Nuclear arms control experts consider it a very good deal. I strongly suspect Rosendale cannot tell you what is wrong with the deal or what he’d do to fix it.

Rosendale’s web page consists of certain statements to appeal to his perceived base. These statements, such as the one above, have little to no substance. In my work at the national and international level I’ve learned there are so many possible interactions and things to consider in developing national policy and subsequent actions that it becomes a three-dimensional chess match. Lacking the gravitas for higher office, Rosendale is playing checkers. But at this level, it isn’t a game.

I trust there are better choices to voters.

A. John Ahlquist

DCHS ’59

Walnut Creek, Calif.