Rosendale is not a rancher, he’s a poser

Thursday, July 26, 2018


Letter to the Editor:

From Wibaux to Whitefish, anyone who works the land can tell you the difference between a ranch and “a family ranch.” One was bought, the other earned, handed down.

On July 10, 2018 Matt Rosendale’s campaign biography stated he lives “on their family ranch” near Glendive. Matt bought the ranch in 2002 from the Sobotka Trust. He’s not related to the Sobotkas. Matt’s a liar and a sloppy liar to boot. As of today (surprise!) the biography apparently “misspoke” because it now reads “Matt and Jean have been living at their Glendive ranch for nearly 20 years.”

2002 to 2018 is 16 years. Hopefully Matt’s staff in the Auditor’s office handles the important math. Matt’s buffoonish effort to look authentic says all you need to know about his “Montana Values”. A barn coat doesn’t make Matt a rancher, it makes him a poser who thinks Montanans are dumb.

Matt Rosendale’s hands have pushed a lot of paper, signed a lot of contracts, clutched a lot of phones. They’re the soft hands of a real estate developer who sees land as a commodity to be bought and sold for profit, not as a legacy handed down. In November, when comparing candidates for US Senate, take a long look at their hands. You don’t need a palm reader to tell you who understands Montana values. It’s there in the hands.

Kent Madin