Rosendale should stand up for MT’s values

Rosendale should stand up for MT’s values

Letter to the Editor:

This spring the Montana Land Board will vote on the Horse Creek Complex Conservation Easement. Matt Rosendale has an opportunity to promote Montana’s values by being the deciding vote on the easement.

It’s no secret that Eastern Montanans value open space, agriculture, and public access for sportsmen. The Horse Creek Complex would help keep agriculture as the bedrock for Wibaux and Dawson Counties ensuring the ranch will stay a cow-calf operation for generations to come. The easement also provides assurances for open space by preventing future subdivisions of the property. According to information provided during this years Montana Water Summit, Montana has witnessed 1.3 million acres of land converted from open space into housing since 1990 alone. Eastern Montana needs to keep the ranches we have, we don’t need 40-acre ranchettes pushing people off the ranch and out of Montana.

The Horse Creek Easement would also provide permanent public access to nearly 20,000 acres of land to sportsmen and recreationists by using Sportsmen’s dollars from Habitat Montana. Eastern Montana Sportsmen are tired of seeing our Habitat Montana dollars being used elsewhere in the state. We are long overdue for a project close to home. Mr. Rosendale please stand up for Montana Values and vote yes for the Horse Creek Conservation Easement. We will be watching.

Ryan Nottestad