Sanitizing the truth about the homeless

Thursday, August 30, 2018
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Conservative views

Last weekend, the trophy wife and I jetted to Anchorage, Alaska to notch number 24 in our quest to run a marathon in each of the 50 states. Regardless flying, driving or floating it’s a long, long trek to America’s 49th state. We booked a room within walking distance of the downtown race so experienced things foreign to our normal day on the plains of rural Montana. For example, as typical of larger municipalities, downtown Anchorage has a colorful population of the downtrodden. I am not sure if these career campers’ winter over, or migrate south with the ducks, but Alaska is not the state I would choose in which to be homeless.

Our motel overlooked Ship Creek and the undercarriages of the neighboring bridges and overpasses were pockmarked with tattered blankets, spent cigarettes and discarded dreams. Fortunately, unlike the streets of San Francisco where the elites embrace street-people poop as a sign of supreme tolerance, Anchorage’s tourist areas were relatively clean thanks to scattered port-a-potties. A sign outside one of the plastic privies explained hand sanitizer was not available as substance abusers keep drinking it. I have had times of plenty and times of lack, but I have never been so far down I dipped from a punch bowl filled with handsanitizer pilfered from a public, portable toilet. This brings me to my three truths.

Truth #1: The perpetually homeless are props the ruling class uses to advance their agenda. Every election cycle Democrat-Socialists point to the downtrodden as proof the successful deserve tax punishment with their bounty being given to the poor, less a small handling fee for the ruling class. Collectivists know their proposed programs will not lift a single soul from poverty so the downtrodden remain trapped exactly where they are most useful to the ruling class. For proof of statists true intentions, answer me this: Since leftists bequeath drug abusers with clean needles under the guise of helping them, shouldn’t similar feigned compassion prompt them to offer vodka to Alaska’s hand-sanitizer consumers?

Truth #2: A thriving, freemarket economy opens enormous opportunity to those willing to trade labor, risk, or intellect for wealth. Be you a welder, miner, logger, electrician, carpenter or cowboy matters not in a community needing welders, miners, loggers, electricians, carpenters or cowboys. The idea called America has proven capitalism promotes prosperity.

Truth #3: The bridge dwellers will be with us always and will never escape their plight without the aid of Jesus Christ. Sadly, leftist extremists are removing Him from the equation.

Krayton Kerns is veterinarian in Laurel, Mont., and a former Republican representative in the Montana State Legislature. He can be reached at .