Saying goodbye

Sunday, February 10, 2019
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Conservative views

After a horse swallows hay, it passes from the stomach through 10 feet of small intestine before fermenting in their large bowel. From there, 12 feet of small colon refines the digestive residue before spewing gas into the air and apples onto the pasture. Trapping a 30-gallon fermentation vat between two narrow tubes is problematic. Couple this with a critter carrying migrating parasites clogging intestinal blood vessels, and it is not surprising horses are prone to plugged or twisted intestines. With coarse feed, cold temperatures and decreased water intake, winter is colic season in Montana. Tuesday morning, at half-past five, Clara, my granddaughter, texted stating her horse, Roscoe, was down, and covered with icicles. Odds are, 95 percent of winter colics will recover before the veterinarian can pull on his boots and scrape the ice from his windshield. This is great if you are part of the 95 but Roscoe was in the five.

Throughout the day, progress reports showed no progress, so late afternoon I raced to check Roscoe. I administered pain killers before coaxing the gelding to his feet and loading him in my trailer for a midnight ride to my clinic. It was a tough night. The best analogies are those having a happy ending but this one does not. Wednesday morning, the pain became unmerciful and between violent gut spasms, Roscoe’s eyes told me he was willing to keep trying. I was not. The hand was dealt, the cards were played, and the game was over. With a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye, I laid him on the frozen Montana prairie to never rise again. Breaking the news to Clara was the hardest thing I have ever done, and this brings me to my point.

Like Roscoe, our republic is dying, and I can do little to stop it. However, unlike Clara’s horse who was a victim of chance, America is being purposely and knowingly killed. For the ruling class to instill an American version of Venezuelan socialism they must first destroy our great experiment in freedom. Elitist Democrats are promising Medicare-for-all, a guaranteed basic income, punitive tax increases and free college tuition—programs which trap non-producers in dependency, producers in debt and fat on the bellies and buttocks of the ruling class. Socialism always fails, so in the great battle between free-stuff and freedom, proponents of liberty are attacked as evil racists for wearing red baseball caps. Saying goodbye to the dream called America will be as hard as saying goodbye to Clara’s beloved horse. Attention Democrats who identify as Christian conservatives, why can you not see this?

Krayton Kerns is veterinarian in Laurel, Mont., and a former Republican representative in the Montana State Legislature. He can be reached at .