Shade-sitters need not apply

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Conservative views

One of my favorite Gary Carter prints is such due to its title rather than the artist’s blending of colors with brush strokes. In the foreground of a scene depicting a hard-working, springtime, branding crew, sits a cowboy leaning against a brace post, savoring a slice of watermelon. The title reads, “Hiring You Was Like Three Good Men Leaving.” I chuckle because in my years laboring on a ranch, shoveling concrete, preg-checking cows or fertility testing bulls, I have worked alongside folks who could have modeled for this print. Today, lazy folks are euphemistically labeled nonessential employees; a problem epidemic in government and here is why.

Forty years of promoting self-esteem as society’s supreme ideal has destroyed initiative, ambition, responsibility, creativity and courage. Everyone who fails, feels special. However, by disguising envy as fairness, progressives have trained shade-sitters to feel entitled to the bounty created by those working in the sun. Worse yet, the downtrodden believe successful folks are made evil by their success and must be punished through taxation. Progressivism is a pathetic existence, and this quickly brings me to my point.

The Senator Schumer shutdown has furloughed all non-essential employees; paper pushers who exist only to administrate and regulate the little people. At day’s end, these assistant secretaries in the Department of Redundancy Department add nothing of value to America’s GDP. They never will. President Trump is hell-bent on establishing a secure border using all available means, as it was his primary campaign promise. Senator Schumer is panicked and is equally hell-bent on tearing open an already porous border to flood America with uneducated, unskilled, helpless dependents and here is why.

The little people leaving the plantation have left America’s royalty with no other choice than importing the downtrodden. Without millions of illegal foreign nationals bussed across our borders there will be no one to kneel and kiss the ring of those in the ruling class. A king without subjects is like a king with no clothes. For the first time in history, the United States is exporting more oil than they are importing, and with more open jobs than available workers, opportunity abounds. As Ronald Reagan said, “the best social program is a job.” Now is a great time to climb the ladder, so there is no reason to be a shade-sitter.

Krayton Kerns is veterinarian in Laurel, Mont., and a former Republican representative in the Montana State Legislature. He can be reached at .