Shame to stop pipeline

Sunday, December 2, 2018


In regards to a recent article that was in your paper. An article that they seem to think they have accomplished a great service to our country! There are many folks that would vastly disagree with them. They so smugly and proudly publish what they think is a good thing!

No matter that they just swept thousands of jobs down the drain along with thousands of dollars of income in taxes and revenue that would have helped our economy, not only nationally but also in the states and counties and cities that would have all seen many dollars come into their communities!

Are they so naive as to think that the Oil Companies do not want to stay in businesses?? If they failed in their work on this pipeline it would put them out of business! They know what they are doing! It is far safer to transport liquids of any kind by pipeline rather that trucks or railroads!

Don’t understand that rancher going along with that delay! We are ranchers also and most certainly do not agree with what has happened. In our opinion it is a shame that a few people who think they are in the know can so foolishly put a stop to something that would have helped many thousands of others including all businesses that would have profited from this endeavor.

While I’m at it, the EPA needs to be defunded and their power greatly reduced! They have caused incredible harm to many good people! Over foolishly thinking a “fish” or “owl” or “spider” or “whatever” have more importance that human beings and their livelihood! They may have a place, but it is a lot smaller place than what they seem to have authority over!

There are many thousands of others out there that would agree with me, I am confident of that fact. It is time that all common sense thinking people come together in agreement and win back our country against these senseless obstructionists! Let’s do it folks!

Furthermore, I thank God for President Donald Trump. He may say or do some things we don’t exactly think best but God has put him in there and we need to get totally behind him in our complete support. Also, we all need to pressure our Senators and Representatives and all people to get behind him and help him accomplish what he is attempting to get done!! He is desperately trying to get our country back on the right track. Remember ––– he isn’t in there for the fun or the money!! He’s trying to help America!! He’s thinking of our Grandkids and Great-Grandkids –– the future of America!! Don’t you want the same?


Viola Mitchell