Sign vandals should be ashamed

Dear editor,

It sure is nice to see letters in our local newspaper. Wow I guess it takes a heated political campaign to get the troops rallied. While debate is always healthy, there are some unhealthy aspects to the game. To who and whomever is destroying and taking down candidate signs. Shame on you.

1. It’s an expense that is

hard to come by.

2. Why would you worry

about someone else’s

sign? Are you afraid of a fair fight?

3. A smug attitude brings on a false sense of security.

4. Would you want your children and neighbors knowing who you are?

5. Do you want to take away choices?

6. The consequences of getting caught could put you in the clink.

7. What a cowardly thing to do. It is not something to be proud of.

8. Each person has the individual responsibility to make an educated choice, so look into peoples back ground and make the best of the best choice for you and your county, state, and country.

9. Vote...


Judy Cramer