Sounds a lot like censorship

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sounds a lot like censorship

Dear Editor,

In reference to a letter printed in the May 6, 2018 issue of the Ranger Review, “Krayton’s Column Has To Go”, the writer expresses her disapproval of the column and that the Ranger Review is printing the column and would like to see it stopped. I don’t understand why she wants it stopped so no one can read it simply because she doesn’t like it or agree with it. That sounds a lot like censorship! It’s such a simple solution, just don’t read it! Move onto something she likes and approves of. Fortunately we don’t all think alike and we have the freedom to choose what we read, hear, see and think. That’s one of the great things about America!

Personally I look forward to the Krayton Kerns column. I love his folksy and humorous stories and most often agree with his political views. I appreciate the Ranger for printing the column and hope they continue doing so.


Linda Cook