Sunday’s Baccalaureate will honor seniors

Sunday, May 12, 2019
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Most people want to adapt to the place they call home. In the past, foreigners came to this country and chose to learn English as quickly as they could while working at whatever kind of work was available to them.

It is unfortunate that some in our society want to change our American culture rather than adapt to established community norms. They envision change involving major revision of Constitutional rights, abandonment of godly ethics, promotion of immoral lifestyles and a move to lawlessness and social and racial divisiveness. All these changes result in control by a few who quickly dispense with our guaranteed liberties.

I found this quote: “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.” - John N. Mitchell

If our attitude is to get along, and be tolerant of differences in others, we can have a certain level of peace. However, when “push comes to shove” and someone attempts to force a change that lowers moral standards and promotes lawlessness or utopian promises, I, as a freedom loving American, will resist those changes.

Communities have the right to establish norms for themselves. When societies choose something other than the Bible as their standard the results are evident.

Consider the tarnished communities in our country who have promoted immoral things while calling them good. Consider the political corruption and coverups, even murder to silence truth. Yet truth will prevail. It is set back from time to time, but truth always prevails.

We have an opportunity to practice the exercise of American liberties on Sunday evening at the Baccalaureate exercises to be held at the Evangelical Church at 7 p.m. Come and support the moral fiber that binds us together with our educators and our DCHS graduates as they prepare for their commencement exercise on the 19th of May.

Jim Squires is an active member of the Glendive community. Having lived and traveled extensively abroad, he finds his homeland to be worth fighting for. He can be reached at or 406 939-1109.