Support Rossi for Prairie Co. sheriff

Dear Editor: I support and encourage you to vote for Dave Rossi for sheriff of Prairie county. Dave is a man of integrity, honestly, courage and strength. Dave selflessly and proudly served our country. Dave has a common sense approach to law enforcement. Dave believes in the good of all people knowing full well some will make poor choices. Dave knows the office of sheriff is a challenging job he is ready to accept. Dave will be fair in all things to the best of his ability. Dave has a strong connection to his community. Dave is a family man first and foremost. I believe your county will be better served with Dave as your dedicated sheriff committed to protecting and serving you and your family. Dave and my Dad,MHP #205 Gene Tinsley shared the special bond of law enforcement family. My Dad mentored Dave, encouraged Dave, believed in Dave and watched with pride as Dave succeeded as a Montana Highway patrolman and as the Camp Commander at the Academy in Bozeman. I again encourage you to vote for Dave. Sincerely,

Mary Tinsley Knaup

Great Falls