Thank you for having me as part of your community

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Dear Editor:

To my fellow Glendivians:

I recently graduated from DCC in early May and life awaits. Glendive was the perfect place for me because I have family in Beach, N.D. and Circle, Glendive was the “big city” because I could go bowling and even see a movie! Living here was just what I needed and so much more.

Transitioning into my freshman year at DCC was smooth because I was away from home, but close enough to come home whenever I needed/wanted to. I was introduced to InterVarsity and became involved-attending Fall Conference. Leadership Retreat, and Chapter Camp on the West side of Montana. Joe and Daneen Peterson really do a great job leading InterVarsity and have become my mentors and true dear friends.

This past summer I worked for the city of Glendive as a public works laborer. I learned so much! Street names, parks, and sewer lines became all too familiar (I’ll never forget that manhole I climbed down in). I enjoyed getting to be a part of the nuts and bolts of keeping Glendive alive and want to say thank you to all who put so much time and effort into Glendive.

Volleyball was re-introduced this year at DCC and we had a blast! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls as teammates, or a better coach. Love you Dina Fritz!

My favorite part of living here was having Makoshika State Park for my back yard. Going on hikes with friends and watching the outdoor movie at the ampitheatre really were a huge blessing.

Through InterVarsity at DCC, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to go to Kenya, Africa this summer for a 7 week mission trip. I’m thrilled to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and tell of the huge impact He has been in my life.

Thank you to everyone for having me be a part of the community. I’ve had a great experience, made many memories, and grown as an individual. This is not goodbye-just see ya later.


Channa Clarin