Think outside the box when you vote

Think outside the box when you vote

To the editor:

The time for responsibilities on the up coming election is here again with candidates running an spring in the air. The first and foremost is the right to vote. I am amazed at how many people don’t with the attitude of 1. My vote doesn’t count

2. I have nothing to complain about

3. It’s too much of a hassle. 4. I don’t want to go to jury duty. Get out there and vote, make the matter known, bring the problem to light, and give your opinion. I you don’t vote you have no opinion.

We seem to run the good old boy system of I wash our back and you wash mine, the more money have the better to run with, and I give you and you give me. These are broken systems. Each one of us must carry the load if we want a fair and uncorrupt system. We need to search the facts, get under the surface and be honest. This is not a two or three party system, it is an individual soul seeking mission.

Even if you agree to disagree you will find the honest among the dishonest, to put someone in charge of keeping the flame. It is time to do your homework, checking the true and false, does that person give a hundred percent, are you willing to get fifty or twenty-five, is that person in office to get paid, to collect a check every month or are they there to see things are done right for the community, county, or country.

What are the ulterior motives behind the podium? What is the reason to keep or get rid of that person in public office? The turtle makes no move unless he sticks his neck out. So, when it come so time to vote have your reasons and not just your party line ready to figure out how we are going to keep politics in perspective. Think outside the box.


Judy Cramer