Vote against high school mill levy

Thursday, April 25, 2019



I’m writing this letter to remind people to vote on this high school mill levy, and vote no. These mill levies effect everyone in the county, especially property owners.

School officials have stated the mill levy is for operational costs, books, and teachers.

I’m wondering if anyone in the school system knows the meaning of budgeting.

In the Ranger-Review on April 18th, 2019 an article about the high school mill levy came out stating that $32,172.22 of additional funds were needed for the school year.

My question to Schreibeis, when you have a DCHS budget for 2019-2020 well over $3,000,000, and your not capable of finding $32,172.22 out of 3 million dollars, why should residents, and voters of Dawson County keep you as superintendent of schools?

The real joke came when I received my mail in ballot. The proposed $32,172.22 mill levy changes to $37,122.22, now that’s the kind of budgeting skills I’m talking about, if you understand my meaning.

Also, on the ballot it states a home valued at $200,000 will only cost the property owners $3,70. I’m close to that amount, but here is the real eye opener:

The $3.70 amount will be added to the school taxes I pay now, which is Dawson College $181.26, schools $701.16, and St. wide education $242.91, a total of $1,125.33.

Over a third of my property tax which comes to $3,133.98 out of my year end budget.

I’m sorry to say, I don’t own a magical hat that produces money.

I’m asking voters to vote down this mill levy.

Thank you,

Tom Wynne