Wet Devils team takes second at state

Brittany Kaufman is state champion in 100 M backstroke
Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Glendive Wet Devils traveled to Conrad with 32 swimmers to compete with over 500 swimmers from Montana in the State Swim Meet on Aug. 4 and 5.

Brittany Kaufman is the state champion in the 13-14 girls 100 meter Backstroke. She beat out the second place swimmer by about 10 seconds, which is pretty amazing. She finished second in her two Freestyle races, but they were both very close.

The two 13-14 girls relay teams went into state ranked second and both came back as state champions. The 200 Meter Freestyle Relay team consisted of Brittany Kaufman, Mallory Robinson, Shelby Schneider and Mataya Tipton. The 200 Meter Medley relay team consisted of Brittany Kaufman (Breaststroke), Gemma Sharples (Breaststroke), Shelby Schneider (Butterfly) and Mataya Tipton (Freestyle). These girls pushed hard and gave it everything they had cutting time in both races.

Kendra Kaufman and Lauren Api competed in their last swim meet for the Wet Devils. They have both been a part of the Wet Devils for many years and will be greatly missed in the years to come.

The Wet Devils went into the state meet ranked third in Class A, but they brought home the second place trophy. The Wet Devils coaching staff couldn’t be any prouder!

The results for the Wet Devils are as follows:



Lauren Api: 100 Backstroke, twelfth place

Abby Begger: 200 Individual Medley, seventh place; 50 Breaststroke, eighth place; 50 Butterfly, third place

Julia Crighton: 100 Butterfly, eleventh place

Brittany Kaufman: 50 Freestyle, second place; 100 Freestyle, second place; 100 Backstroke, first place

Kendra Kaufman: 100 Breaststroke, fourth place; 100 backstroke, eighth place

Mallory Robinson: 50 Freestyle, seventh place; 100 Breaststroke, seventh place; 100 Backstroke, tenth place

Shelby Schneider: 50 Freestyle, ninth place; 50 Butterfly, seventh place

Lilja Shultz: 25 Freestyle, fifth place; 50 Freestyle, seventh place; 25 Butterfly, seventh place

Ella Sharples: 50 Freestyle, twelfth place; 100 Freestyle, tenth place; 50 Butterfly, eleventh place,

Gemma Sharples: 100 Breaststroke, fifth place; 200 Freestyle, eighth place

Izabell Siegle: 100 Freestyle, eighth place; 50 Butterfly, eleventh place; 200 Freestyle, ninth place

Mataya Tipton: 50 Freestyle, fifth place; 100 Freestyle, sixth place; 50 Butterfly, ninth place Hope White: 50 Freestyle, sixth place; 100 freestyle, sixth place; 50 Butterfly, tenth place BOYS

Calvin Crighton: 100 Butterfly, ninth place

Dylan Jolliffe: 50 Freestyle, tenth place; 50 Breaststroke, eighth place; 100 Freestyle, twelfth place

Gavin Palmer: 50 Freestyle, tenth place; 100 Freestyle, tenth place; 50 Butterfly, eleventh place

Tommy Reske: 50 Freestyle, tenth place; 100 Freestyle, tenth place

Henri Schultz: 50 Breaststroke, seventh place; 50 Freestyle, third place

Jackson Tipton: 50 Freestyle, sixth place; 50 Breaststroke, tenth place; 100 Freestyle, seventh place

Thain White: 50 Freestyle, twelfth place; 100 Freestyle, ninth place, 50 Butterfly, seventh place




100 Freestyle

Anne Cannella, Grace Begger, Whitney Schneider, Ava Api

200 Freestyle:

Ella Sharples, Izabell Siegle, Hope White, Kendra Kaufman. Fourth place finish.

200 Medley:

Mallory Robinson (Backstroke), Kendra Kaufman (Breaststroke), Hope White (Butterfly), Ella Sharples (Freestyle). Fourth place finish.


100 Freestyle:

Henri Schultz, Jackson Tipton, Nico Reske, Ryder Sadorf. Fourth place finish.

200 Freestyle:

Dylan Jolliffe, Wyatt Robinson, JayJay Stotler, Thain White. Fifth place finish.

200 Freestyle:

Calvin Crighton, Gavin Palmer, Jasper Bodily, Tommy Reske