Who am I?

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Who am I?

Dear Editor:

In response to a question posed by Katherine Harstad Nygaard of Missoula, Who am I?

I am a native born Montanan, a Patriot who loves this country, honors our Flag and respects the office of President and the Constitution. I am a person who does not want to see this country fail because of the actions of those who hate us and what we stand for.

I’m the descendant of immigrants, who came through proper channels, learned the language, obeyed the law and became legal citizens. I was taught to love, honor and respect the country that welcomed them.

My relatives fought for this country to ensure our freedom and sovereignty. My Father was a WWI veteran, honorably discharged and highly decorated. He served in France, and received one of the highest honors awarded by that country, the Croix de Guerre. While on the front lines toward the end of the war, he volunteered to become a runner, reporting on the movement of the German army, and was instrumental in ending one of the most horrific wars of our time. He was reported missing in action, and it wasn’t until he returned home after the war that his family knew whether he was alive or dead.

It doesn’t matter whether you are friend or foe, you are entitled to your opinion, and I thank you for that. I also thank you for taking time to read my humble opinion, and considering my concern for the future of this country.


Marian Keller