Why do Trump haters prefer war to peace?

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Dear Editor,

If we are to believe media outlets, the left and Trump haters, our President gave the keys to the castle to Putin with a backdoor promise for takeover of our government. For the President to be civil to Putin or to make an error while giving a speech is not treason. He had just been at the NATO Summit and then flown to Helsinki. Who can honestly say they have never said something in error they wished they could take back? He was exhausted and apologized when he realized the error.

Please explain why Trump haters prefer war to peace? We are living in very dangerous times. The division in society is becoming more pronounced, the attacks on Conservatives more violent and the threats more evil. No one is safe.

To those who insist Hillary won the election by popular vote, read the Constitution. There is no mandated provision on popular vote winning an election. Our Forefathers were astute enough to realize, popular vote was mob rule. More populated states would have the control and lessor populated states would have no voice in government. They warned of what we see happening today, anarchy, oppression, loss of freedoms and tyranny. The very things they fled Brition to escape. We failed to heed the warning.

I believe Russia interfered in our election. I do not believe it changed the outcome. Russia and the United States have interfered in each others affairs since before I was born, and will continue long after I am gone. Electronics have merely made the meddling easier.

Please cast your vote wisely in the upcomming mid-term elections. How you vote will mean the difference between we, the people keeping our freedoms, or losing them and this country to mob rule.


Marion Keller