Why isn’t there an RV dumping area

Why isn’t there an RV dumping area


Got some questions that I can’t understand.

Why isn’t there a RV dumping area in Glendive?

They went to all the effort to build a RV camping area at Makoshika Park. They also want water out there.

Where are they to dump their RV’s Are they to go to another town that has a dump, or maybe empty in one of the ravine, or along the road?

We want people to come to our town lets make a few things available for them Let welcome them.

As for chickens (hens) they make a cackling noise at the time they are laying the eggs. A rooster is a good alarm clock. Personally would rather listen to a crowing rooster, then a barking dog or dogs.

How many of you people eat eggs, maybe think of where they come from.

You can use the droppings for fertilizer and when you get tired of caring for the chickens. You can have a good chicken dinner, or a good bowl of noodle soup.

Where by the way does the port a pots empty there load of goodies.

I personally think there is more important things to get done then worry about a few chickens. Like fixing the pot hold in our streets.

The pigeon problem a never ending problem.

Bring in some business, a fast food, like Burger King – Wendy etc.

How about a family clothing store.


Elaine Oldenburg