Cooney, Schreiner will put MT first

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Cooney, Schreiner will put MT first

Dear Editor:

Mike Cooney and Casey Schreiner are the correct choicefor serving all the people of Montana as Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Based on their public service experience; passion for public land access,education, healthcare, and governmental transparency; and commitment to working across the aisle to improve the lives of all Montanans; they willmake Montana a better place to live for all. Lt. Governor Cooney has fought and advocated to protect our elections from corporate interests, our schools and jobs, our public access, and our constitutionally protected rights toknow and participate (Mont. Const. Art. 2, Sections 8, 9), and will continueto do so. He has worked in public service in the legislature for 20 years, and knows how to build consensus and listen to different points of view whileseeking common ground, unlike his opponent. Mr. Schreiner’s experience as a special education schoolteacher in Great Falls, and working with employee unions, greatly supports his ability to advocate for, and include in our government, marginalized groups throughout Montana, unlike his opponent.

Neither Lt. Governor Cooney nor Mr. Schreiner will allow Montanans to betaken advantage of by corporate tax breaks that don’t benefit employees, privatization of public lands and resources, Social Security and Medicaredismantlement, and special interests purchasing our elections, unlike their opponents. Lt. Governor Cooney and Mr. Schreiner will put all Montanans first, rather than themselves.

Dan Eakin

Sidney, MT