County Happenings

Thursday, May 14, 2020

During this time of adjustment to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, normal services of the Dawson County Commissioners, Mr. Sanderson, Contract Planner for Dawson County and the Dawson County Fair Office have been altered or, in some cases, eliminated all together. Contact these agencies for the latest updates.

The commissioners have restricted public access to all county buildings and departments with the exception of the airport and Sheriff’s office. The Museum will remain closed until further notice.

The public may by mail, email or phone reach the restricted departments in order to conduct business. This action is passed in order to protect the public and Dawson County officials from the spread of COVID-19.

Treasurer’s office (406) 377-3026

Clerk and Recorder’s office (406) 377-3058

Justice of the Peace (406) 377-5425

Clerk of Court (406) 377- 3967

County Attorney (406) 377- 2532

Commissioners (406) 377- 3562

Until the courthouse is open to the public, Commissioner Sessions will take place at the normally scheduled times with comments being taken via, mail, email and telephone and you may listen to the public session by calling (406) 323-9800 and entering the participant code of 8503773 followed by the # sign.

Beginning May 4, 2020 and continuing through May 31, 2020:

• All County boards and meetings will be only conducted via conference call or virtually, only if posted and open to the public as normal.

• The May 19, 2020 Board Session and Public Tax Sale will be done in person, practicing social distancing procedures.

• All community and conference rooms normally available to the public will be closed and not open for reservations until further notice.

• All nonessential County offices will be open to the public by appointment and only for business that cannot be conducted over the phone, mail and/or electronically.

1) The Dawson County Fairgrounds and facilities will remain closed for public and private events.

2) The Senior Citizen Center will be closed but will continue to operate the Meals on Wheels program and normal congregate lunches will be served as a pick-up, to-go service, please make reservations as normal.

3) The Library will be closed to the public but items will be available for check out by calling, reserving and picking the item up during posted business hours.

4) The Dawson County Health Department will remain open but reservations/appointments and the nature of the visit will be required prior to visiting the courthouse.

• Essential County offices, (Sheriff, Clerk of Court, Treasurer, County Attorney, and Clerk and Recorder) required to be open by MCA code, will operate with limited staff interfacing with the public. The public is also encouraged to conduct business by phone, mail and/ or electronically when possible.

• The Dawson County Urban Transportation Buses are to be only utilized for medical appointments, banking, shopping for basic human resources or official business purposes.