Cowboy Hall of Fame concerns

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Dear Editor I have attached a letter to the editor re the Mt Cowboy Hall of Fame Board of Directors having wasted nearly $1 million in taxpayer & contribution funds and no one has been held to account. If we are to turn our heads re the MCHF Big Timber debacle, how then can we criticize the waste and fraud that is prevalent in government today? In view of the transgressions of the MCHF Brd in not conducting business in an open, transparent and credible manner, I have sought a Reorganization of the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame Organization. I attended the Annual Meetings, Feb 2018 and Feb 2019, at which time I proposed a reorganization, however, no success. It’s time for Montanan’s to act if we are to regain the trust and confidence that’s essential in unifying the people and allowing them to select the Mt Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Museum Site. Here are the facts - * The MCHF Brd wasted nearly $1 million, “We have nothing to show for it” * The MCHF Brd has lost the trust and support of Montanan’s. The Membership Revenues have declined from it peak (before the news of the Big Timber Debacle) at $41, 527 in 2013 to $13,633.99 in 2018. * Board Member #’s had declined from 21 (before the Big Timber Debacle) to 12 members by the Feb 2019 Ann Mtng. Only 7 Brd Members attended the Feb, 2019 Annual Meeting. * Trustees ??? – (last # I had was 91) Only a few were present at the 2019 Annual Meeting. Trustees were asked to stand at the Induction Ceremony, fewer than 12 stood up. I have shared this Issue with the Mt Dept of Justice, however at this juncture, I’m not confident of any action as there is the appearance that Politics could be involved – The MCHF President was a contributor and supporter of Mt Atty Gen Tim Fox, as well the Atty for MCHF, who issued me a Cease and Desist Order (March, 2019) with a threat of a Defamation Suit, is a National Republican Committee Woman. They tried to shut me down, but I’m standing against the Malfeasance of the Brd and the Waste of Taxpayer $’s and Contributions. A Reorganization of MCHF is the only way to Unify Montanan’s again and to Regain Trust & Support. Montanans have the right to know what has transpired, it is my hope that your media outlet will help me get the word out. Thanks in advance for your help. Cordially,

Bob Sivertsen

Havre MCHF Member 2013 MCHF Inductee