Daniel “Danny” Warner

Thursday, September 22, 2022
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He also worked as a Master Pipeline welder for WBI for 32 years and forged lasting Our Danny won his battle with PTSD and dementia on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022 surrounded by the love of his life, Lana, Nicole and Jesse. They all held him until Jesus ushered him home.

Danny’s first love was his wife of 31 years, Lana. His second love was his family, especially his grandchildren.

He served his time in Vietnam, where he was part of the 538th Land Clearing Company.

friendships with his WBI crew.

One of his greatest joys was spending time in his wood shop crafting the most beautiful creations.

Danny also loved fishing and camping and looked forward to being able to one day take his grandchildren fishing.

Danny also loved Mike, Georgia, Skeeter, Kelly and their families. No one could make Danny laugh like the Warners could. One of the best things were all of the stories Danny had of all of the crazy things he did while growing up in Glendive.

While Danny may have looked gruff and intimidating on the outside, for those that knew him, his rough exterior was protecting the giant teddy bear that he was on the inside. His laugh could fill up every empty space in a room, and the love that he gave was even bigger than his hands.

Once he retired, Danny loved spending time on the farm working with his son-in-law, Brad, running the defoliator during beet harvest, working with Lana and Nicole in the coffee shop, or sitting watching a movie with Bowen and Tennessee.

A month before his passing, Danny was able to fly to Texas with Lana and create some amazing memories with Jesse, Kristen, Everly and Everett, where he laughed a lot, did cannonballs in the pool and enjoyed every minute.

Though Jody, Toby and Michael lived miles away, they were never far from his heart.

He will be greatly missed by his loving wife, Lana. As well as Jesse and Kristen, Nicole and Brad, Elle, Everly, Everett, Bowen, Tennessee, Mike and Georgia, Amy, Skeeter, Kelly, Sara, Max and Bea, Scott, Theresa and Butch, Marc and Patricia, and the rest of his family and his lifelong friends.

We miss you already!