DCC won’t survive like this

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Dear Editor:

Regarding the article appearing in the June 13, 2021 issue of the Ranger Review entitled, “DCC board shares its review of the college’s budget challenges,” I would like to share my thoughts.

I was employed at DCC for a total of 24 1/2 years. During that time I held both staff and faculty positions.

According to the aforementioned article, enrollment is higher but the college is still operating at a deficit. How can that be? I would guess that enrollment is up due to the new sports programs, but did the new students receive a tuition waiver to entice them to come here?

It’s not that difficult to see what’s wrong. Just take a look at the employee directory on the DCC web site. The school is too top heavy with administrators, assistant administrators, and directors. Why do they need a VP of Academics and a Dean of Academics for example?

During the Kettner years, the college had 3 administrators: President, Dean of Academics, and Dean of Student Services, managing many, many more programs and many more students.

As Technology Coordinator, I oversaw all campus computers, ITV, satellite communications, and all the audio and visual equipment. During my tenure in that position, I and my assistant installed and maintained the first computer network at DCC and established connectivity to the Internet from networked computers.

And, do they really need 16 coaches? That’s 3 or 4 more coaches than faculty members! DCC won’t survive like this.

And with all these administrators, deans, and directors, there isn’t anyone who will answer the phone.

Joe Drivdahl