DCHS Red Devil gets a new look

Hunter Herbaugh
Thursday, September 22, 2022
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The Dawson County High School Red Devil has a new look, with the redesigned mascot making a splash during homecoming festivities last week.

The design was created by DCHS art teacher Charity Schreibeis and District Facilities Director Rhett Coon. It was approved by the student council last year and made its debut this fall.

The new design is a much more detailed version of the mascot compared to its relatively cartoon-ish predecessor and invokes the sense of a comic book superhero. The mascot redesign also includes a secondary logo, a D with a trident through it.

Schreibeis noted the superhero aesthetic was a significant aspect of the inspiration for the design, especially as characters from companies such as Marvel and DC Comics have enjoyed renewed and widespread popularity for over a decade.

“I think I was just inspired by the direction of the Marvel kind of look. I thought, ‘Man you could really have fun with this whole idea.’ We presented it to the students and gave them the vision of the whole idea and direction and they were so excited about it,” she said.

The redesign became a priority when school officials found out several years ago that no one knew who actually owned the previous graphic used to depict the DCHS Red Devil. This issue was discovered by Superintendent Stephen Schreibeis when he was the DCHS assistant principal in 2016. He explained that after coming into that position, he wanted to use the school’s mascot on the school’s letterhead, but soon discovered that no one possessed the original image. The only image he could find was the Red Devils name inside an oval with a trident, the image that has been widely used on Red Devil merchandise in the past several years. It is unclear where the previous Red Devil mascot design came from, as no one seems to be able to pin down its exact origins.

The new design is officially and entirely owned by the school, and can be used much more consistently, he pointed out. He also believes that its a point of school pride, as students can feel like they have something that is unique when compared to surrounding schools.

“I think some people are actually going to be a little jealous of this,” he said.

Further, Charity pointed out that there is more work to come. There are plans to expand on the new design, creating similar works for rival teams to fill “villain” roles, building further on the comic book superhero spirit of the new look. Those designs are still being worked on and aren’t ready to be revealed just yet.

“It is just a sketch right now so I would rather wait on that until we get all the details ironed out, but it will be super cool. The students are pretty excited about all the new elements that they can work on with this new idea for the school,” she said.

The new mascot design will also be worked into another project that the district is working on, according to Stephen. What exactly that project will look like is uncertain, as he said it is still early in development, but the concept is to bring all of the previous mascot and logo designs together in a showcase of some kind, to display how the images have been refreshed and changed over time.

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