Democrats don’t know when to quit

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Dear Editor,

What happened at the Capitol was an abomination. It doesn’t take a genius to see, those wearing black helmets and backpacks were paid ANTIFA terrorists, sent to cause as much disruption and violence as possible in order to end President Trump and hearings on voter fraud. This assult was planned in advance, circulated on social media and orchestrated as the final “arrow in the quiver” of Nancy Pelosi and radical Democrats, who crave complete control. It was no accident security at the Whitehouse was lax, and that they refused help. Democrats were quick to place blame on Trump, and are planning another impeachment.

Democrats don’t know when to quit. They will never be satisfied with mere destruction of lives, they want complete and utter annihilation.

This assult did not happen by accident. It has been the works for many years, we have been too self-absorbed to notice.

The blame falls on all our shoulders. We, who accepted the lies. We, who refused the truth. We, who placed all our trust in elected officials who betrayed us. Now it is we who will pay the price.

We know evil exists. The word “devil” in Hebrew means “one who divides”. It is the evil forces in society today that divides us and causes us to hate one another, and it will be evil that will destroy us. It breaks my heart to realize, it will be our children and grandchildren who will bear the brunt of our indifference to evil, and they will know, it is us who allowed it to happen.


Marian Keller