Do not be fooled by climate hype

Thursday, April 21, 2022

This letter is in response to yet another “climate change” propaganda piece written by an environmental-extremist in the 4-14-22 newspaper.

I’ve noted the writer continually and conveniently chooses to ignore the deception—the lie—of “climate change” in each and every letter she submits. As most are aware—and I’ve covered this in past rebuttals— the methods by which wind, solar, and battery power are industrialized, utilized, and subsequently disposed of, are far more detrimental to the environment than coal, oil or national gas extraction.

Her reference to wildfires as it relates to “climate change” borderlines total cluelessness. California holds the number one slot with the worst fire season(s) in recent record, all due in no small part to the state’s policy against forest management, i.e. controlled burns. Her comments on “megadroughts” does not factor in the ebb and flow of wet cycles that come and go just the same as dry cycles. For example, the primary reason Lake Meade’s water level continues to drop is due to increased demand.

Her remark, “… economy-wide price on carbon with a monthly cashback to all households,” is absurd, yet as predictable as the sunrise, simply due to her sense of entitlement. It’s astounding in one sense, but not surprising either as these people think everything is for free. They never stop to consider that “Working America”, is inevitably stuck paying the tab. Furthermore, we all know there’s a fair amount of greed out there in the corporate world. To think that any subsidized “green” company—Solyndra’s bankruptcy, for example—is pure and innocent as the wind-driven snow, is downright hilarious.

These environmentalextremists do not think on their own; they religiously follow the scripted narrative taken out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook. Whether or not they actually believe in the lies they spew, or just blindly follow the myth, they truly possess a morphed mentality towards anything having to do with reality. Their lives totally revolve around the “evils” they despise, yet are unconditionally dependent upon…..much like air.

John Kerry claims “climate change” is at a critical stage, yet he and the other global elitist politicians have done absolutely nothing to reduce their own “carbon footprints”. By condemning their beachfront property, (think, “rising sea levels”), and reverting to a nineteenth century lifestyle identical to that of their savior, Karl Marx, would be an excellent start.

These peoples’ aggressive attempts to guilt, bully, and intimidate us into thinking that we’re destroying the planet is repulsive. By constantly calling them out and challenging them within the arena of facts, is the only path forward. We are the majority, not the other way around.

Craig Stebbins