Don’t forget to cast your ballot for the library

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Don’t forget to cast your ballot for the library

Dear Editor,

The reasons for this letter are twofold. First, I am writing to add my support for the “Library” mill levy. Previous letters have given numerous reasons as to the importance of public libraries. To these I agree whole heartedly! Unfortunately, with no guarantees of continued taxable allocations from the commissioners, the choice is simple. To sustain our libraries for future generations, it is imperative that the citizens of Dawson County establish a long-term base of designated, financial support.

This leads to my second and immediate request. In talking with many individuals, the positives have greatly exceeded the negatives regarding library support. While I am cautiously optimistic, elections and their outcomes should never be taken for granted. Your voice cannot be heard nor counted unless you actually vote. This time window for viting is closing rapidly. If you have already voted, great! If not, I implore you to not procrastinate any longer. Please vote now and cast your ballot in favor of the “Library” mill levy.


Steven Kaul

Library Board Member