Donna Knapp Delamater

Thursday, September 12, 2019

B - 5/28/1959 D 8/30/2019 – 29 years and holding.

Russell B. Delamater - husband - Magnolia, Texas

Mason Knapp - father - Billings, Mont.

Mandie Begin - daugter - Fargo, N.D.

Ashley Aaser - daughter - Bismarck, N.D.

She was The Most Beautiful and Wonderful’ Est wife.

Loved Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Loved her daughters immensely. Loved her Russell (Rusty). Loved crafts. Loved gardening. Loved her backyard and pool. Loved power tools. Loved truth even when it was hard. Loved steaks and shrimp. Loved the mountains, esp. The Smoky Mountains. Loved music with real heartfelt ballads. Loved her dogs – Glacier, Sky, Silver, Stormy and The Blaze. Loved the Raw Meaty Bone diet for her dogs. Loved her dog family (puppy owners). Loved drinking mimosas with friends and family. Loved her Christmas lights. Loved nature – animals and aspens. Loved her Persian cats – Rainy, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Shared her love with family, friends and strangers. Loved life that was full of love, joy, truth, integrity, laughter and love.

And this is why we LOVED DONNA! (My Babe.)