Focus on body image too much

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Dear Editor,

How fast are you with the TV remote? Can you click away from viewing the hyper-graphic ads concerning our intense focus on our body image and functions? You’ll know what I’m referring to when one of them intrudes on your household. I’m all for freedom of speech and free enterprise but really? Think about it. What if ET was viewing our media. They’d decide we are obsessed with body odor, white teeth, intestinal distress, obesity and celebrity nonsense. I don’t want to ponder what conclusion they would come to if they tuned into the multitude of talk shows.

Where’s the dude who was worried about a dress code for the women in our legislature? Why hasn’t he tackled this most worthy issue? The Taliban could give us a guideline, but that’s rather drastic. Thoughts? Sincerely,

Norma J. Sherman