Fostering plays a key role in rescuing cats in the community

Robin Kolling
Sunday, September 12, 2021
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The joy of fostering a cat and showing them love makes life more rewarding. Our journey into fostering became our passion.

George and I never had children. Both of us are animal lovers so we have lots of fur-babies. We accumulated 17 cats at one point (mostly outside, all fixed and up to date on shots). We knew it was not feasible to have any more but, more would come (people like to dump cats near us). We started “fostering” them and finding them good homes. Then a year and a half ago we had seven cats/kittens show up all at once. Usually it was one or two at a time. We threw caution to the wind and turned a portion of our garage into Kolling’s Kitty Care and Rescue. Then in October of 2020, we were approached by Kristal Rowland, who started Happy Tails, to be the rescue portion of Happy Tails. She had the non-profit status but had nowhere to foster/rescue.

We have fostered at the “rescue” 86 cats/kittens in the last year, 13 before Happy Tails and 73 as Happy Tails. In our married lives, that number is probably closer to 115. We hear people say they could never foster because they would want to keep them all. While yes, it is hard to part with them, especially ones you spend more time with, you get to show them love and that they can trust humans. The cats that come in sick, you have a special bond with because they are counting on you to help them. These cases are the most rewarding. Seeing the before and after transition right in front of you is the moment you realize that the world is not all bad.

In fostering, the goal is “Farewell”. As long as you have the mindset that your goal is to keep them safe and get them well-adjusted so that they can say farewell to you and hello to their forever home, you will be golden. If you are interested in fostering or learning more about fostering, please call and leave a message or text. Our numbers are 406-359-9129 (Robin) or 406-359-9472 (Kristal). The more fosters we have, the more cats we can help. Happy Tails supplies everything you need from food, litter, box, toys and vet care. All you need to supply is a loving home.

If you want to help Happy Tails but know you cannot foster, come to our Kool Cats & Hotrods fundraiser Friday Sept. 17, 2021.

While dragging main in your car, stop by The Moose 5-8 p.m. We will have BBQ beef sandwiches with chips, a bake sale, T-shirt sale and you can meet the kittens up for adoption. We hope to see you there!

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