Freedom, truth and liberty

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Dear Editor, Democrats with ill intent, Undermine the President. Apocalypse is drawing near; Welcome to the age of fear. It’s a dungeon, dark and deep, Madam Secretary tends the keep, While her henchmen guard the gate, Cryptic lies are kept in wait. Evil grips assembly halls, Filters in thru floors and walls, Banishing all laws and rules; Playing games with clowns and fools. Madam Speaker, show your hand; Reveal the lies for which you stand. Deceit and guile will seal your fate, Should vindication have to wait. Patriots, you must unite! Defending truth is only right. Impeachment hoax will end in shame, And Democrats will bear the blame. 2020’s dye is cast, Justice will prevail, at last. Freedom, Truth and Liberty Shall change the course of destiny!


Marian Keller