Glendive is alive and well

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Dear Editor:

Breaking out of covid slump, Jim and I travelled to Glendive for the holiday weekend. We renewed valued friendships from our years in Glendive, and were pleased to see the city alive and well. The new downtown businesses, the beautiful renewal of Charley Montana, the revival of the Lullhaven corner, our favorite dentist’s rehabilitation of an important building – plus new industry and businesses all over town. So much for Glendive to congratulate itself upon.

I find myself reflecting on the meaning of Pamela Harr’s sculptures around town. Beautiful art, of course, reflecting as much heart as history. They capture beautiful slices of time, in authentic detail. The sculptures can reflect happy moments from our own, more recent, lives - and those of our children and grandchildren as their happy times occur. They are an enduring reminder to celebrate daily life and family. How better to reflect the spirit of the community?

Sincerely wishing the best for Glendive –

Katherine Lee