Glendive was a good place to get stuck

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Dear Editor:

If you have to get stranded on a road trip, Glendive is the place to be. For my family, Easter is a special, holy holiday and we were excited to make the trip from Grand Rapids, Minnesota to Billings. Our plan was to travel out on Good Friday, enjoy Easter Saturday & Sunday with family, and drive home on Monday.

With 600 miles complete and only 200 to go, our transmission light came on right ahead of the exit to Circle. I quickly hit the brakes and stopped on the ramp with flashers on. “Thank you” to the kind local who pulled over and offered assistance and gave us directions back into Glendive.

Hannah Burlison at a local automotive shop has been kind and helpful through the diagnosis and repair. It was shortly before close on Friday, and Hannah read the error codes and walked us through options. I have talked to the business’s service manager, Doug, who has also been kind.

And finally, I had the opportunity to meet one of Glendive’s finest – a police officer – whose name I don’t know (originally from Florida). You are a great example of why I appreciate all law enforcement! Thank you.

Because of work schedules and such, our ride from Billings didn’t arrive in Glendive until 11 p.m. and we arrived at our family’s home at 2:30 a.m.. It wasn’t what we planned, but the good people of Glendive made this tough situation as good as it could be. Our car is repaired and we have it back in Minnesota.

Cheers to the people of Glendive!

Pat & Mark Kittock

Grand Rapids, Minnesota