God decides what is right and wrong

Sunday, July 31, 2022


Holly Disch’s letter to the editor smacks of trying to get something to fit your ideology regardless of the facts. To start with she should read first Timothy 1:9,10. Apparently Holly’s standards are at odds with God’s . So all readers know what I am talking about, she quotes Jim Squires piece in which he wrote “The law was made for the lawless and rebellious, the ungodly and sinners, the unholy and profane, killers of fathers and mothers, murderers, immoral men, homosexuals, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound teaching according to the gos gospel.” The fact is, that is a direct quote from the reference above. If holly can’t handle the Bible in it’s entirety, she probably shoudn’t be taking excerpts from it. What seems to have upset her most is the reference to homosexuality. I didn’t read jim’s piece, but I doubt he said anything about hating anyone. As to bigotry, [ defined by Webster’s as an obstinate or unreasonable attachment to a belief, opinion, or faction. In particular, prejudice against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

Well, Jim and I are in good company if that make’s God’s people bigots. She comments about this happening in the year 2022, which has nothing to do with it, since God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, even if our culture is changing. If a person is not familiar with the Bible Ican see where there may be confusion. Some church denominations are allowing LGBT members to minister in churches. I liken this to an arsonist being a firefighter er. Also, some don’t speak the truth at times, (myself included), because they don’t want to be called bigots by those who are bigotted towards followers of Christ. I have been guilty of some of the things on that list in the past, regrettably, and try not to continue on that path. Jim didn’t make that list and I didn’t, but God did. When you think about it,it is because of God’s love for us that he gave us these and any other rquirements. They are intended to keep us from harming our fellow man, and to keep us from self destructive behavior. Personally, Ifeel sorry for anyone who continually does anything ot that list. What starts out to be (freedom to do what I want , ends up being an add iction difficult to get free from. God loves nankind but hates sin.Fortunately there is a remedy for all sin, and that is to kneel at the feet of Christ, and ask for forgiveness.

Larry Bosserman