Good to read about the gratitude for former DCHS teacher

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Dear Editor:

Many thanks for the fine coverage of local news I see in each issue of the Ranger Review.

I was especially pleased to see, buried deeply in the article on the land given to Jefferson School, the name John Gibson. It is a key reminder that the future is built on a strong foundation of the contributions of many citizens of the community over many years. John, his wife and children were friends of my parents as well as John being my teacher at DCHS in Freshman English and later at DCC where he taught for many years. Like many teachers of his generation he was a veteran, having been a paratrooper during the invasion of Europe.

He and his wife came to Glendive from Colorado and he taught several generations of the children of World War II veterans in his Glendive classes.

His speed reading and comprehension classes were a part of his freshman English curriculum. I learned the importance of grammar and its correct uses and also editing assignments to make writing tight and to the point. I still remember one assignment at DCC where a 1000 word essay had to be edited to 500 words and still say the same thing. John was one of the stellar cast of teachers we had at DCHS in those days. It was good to see him remembered by Mr. Vondrachek with such gratitude.

Avis Anderson