Government can’t have it both ways

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Are you aware it’s illegal to protest outside the home of a Supreme Court Judge but not illegal to protest in front of the Capitol building? So why are numerous Trump supporters held in jail on no charges for protesting Biden’s election while no one has been charged for illegal assembly in front of selected Judges residences? Our justice system and DOJ have turned a blind eye to crime committed on the left. If this is indication of what to expect during summer 2022 our government will be inciting more violence than ever before.

If government considers a fetus a living being in case of a pregnant woman killed by drunk driver a double homicide, how can they claim a fetus is nothing more than a clump of cells not worthy of life under abortion laws? We can’t have it both ways. If government cannot reach an understanding what a fetus is or is not how can we have a moral decision. How does the definition change if its a woman’s perogative? If accidental death of a fetus is murder how can an intentional death be choice and perogative? This decision must be clarified in all fairness of the law.

Abortion was never meant as a form of birth control. How did “ my body, my choice ” during abortion become more important than forced mask, vax and lockdown during the pandemic? God never gave women permission to eliminate an unborn, unwanted baby. On the contrary he found human sacrifice horrifying and gave us a Commandment as proof.


Marian Keller