Green energy development cannot be supported

Thursday, April 21, 2022

I read Matt Witt’s Opinion. I completely disagree with Mr. Witt. Rural communities need to stand together and support the development and transmission of natural resources, Coal, oil and gas.

What we CANNOT support is the development of man-made green energy. Wind turbines are manmade and cost a fortune to decommission after a 20 years life span. 25 tons of the wind turbine aren’t recyclable. Look up on the internet what the true cost is from bottom to top. The Wall Street Journal had a great article about green energy. The title was get ready to dig. Deep in your pocket.

Do you know how much mining takes place to build a solar panel or the battery for an electric car. That replacement battery for an electric is so car is so expensive, your electric car will be a throw away because the cost of a replacement battery.

Ole Joe Biden’s 1st day in office shut down the XL Pipeline. The benefits of that pipeline to the region were tremendous. New revenue to states and counties, safety, environmental, adding transportation saving for energy companies $12 million per year for school equalization. The list is endless.

Mr. Witt doesn’t seem to mind paying higher energy prices because that’s what him and his group promote with reckless policies. Mr. Witt mention $50 million the Oregon legislature will fund for community based renewables. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what is in store for you. Is inflation killing your budget? It is mine. He never put it in detail the cost saving for the American household. How about we look at that number. The real cost of stopping natural resource development. As you guessed I believe global warming, cooling and climate change are a hoax. The sun is what adjusts the climate here on earth. In the beginning God created heaven and earth. Man didn’t create and man cannot control the climate. The next thing they’ll have you believe men can be women. My cows can never be a bull and that’s biology.

Dennis Teske

Prairie County