GROW expands recycling efforts to include plastic

Cindy Mullet
Sunday, July 18, 2021
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GROW will begin accepting some plastics for recycling beginning next week.

Glendive Recycles Our Waste will begin receiving number one and number two plastics for recycling every Tuesday from 5 to 7 p.m. at the GROW recycling facility on the west side of the Uran Center, 1515 W. Bell St.

According to GROW Treasurer Bruce Peterson, a baler for plastics arrived Monday and will hopefully be ready for use by the weekend. Purchase of the baler was made possible through a grant from the Glendive Masonic Lodge. A donation from Chuck and Diane Bondley allowed GROW to purchase a trailer to transport the plastic bales to a recycling center in Billings. A hand cart for moving the bales from the baler to the trailer was donated by Ed Hilbert.

Only number one and number two plastics can be accepted for recycling at this time. The identifying numbers are generally on the bottom of the plastic container. Number one plastics are clear bottles, such as water or pop bottles, that have a dimple on the bottom and a screw cap or lid. They are also transparent. Number two bottles have a seam across the bottom, rather than a dimple. Clear milk bottles are examples of number two bottles.

“If you can stick your finger in and see it, it’s okay,” GROW President, Bonita Jenkins explained.

All bottles must be rinsed and dried and the caps removed. Labels should be left on the bottles. Removing them leaves a sticky substance that can create problems in the recycling process. The small rings on the neck of some bottles also do not have to be removed, she added.

Containers that have snap-on lids such as salad and fruit containers from the store cannot be accepted even though they are labeled as recyclable.

“Just because it has the recycle symbol doesn’t mean it’s recyclable,” Peterson emphasized, urging recyclers to make sure the products they bring meet all the criteria.

GROW volunteers continue to take corrugated cardboard every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. According to a post on the GROW Facebook page, last Wednesday, 15 volunteers put in 42 hours of work and three bales were completed with half a bale waiting to be finished. The week before, six bales were completed.

According to information compiled by GROW volunteer Debbie Olson Sevier, several more businesses have begun saving cardboard to be picked up by volunteers. These include WATCh East, P & A Sewers to Roofs, Hansen Heating and Cooling, Barnicks Hometown Brand Center and Montana Lils Casino. Town Pump Casino, Berg Tire, Blue Taco, Gabbert Clinic, Bloom Coffeehouse and Paramount Service and Supply, Inc. have begun delivering their cardboard on Wednesday. GROW is also working with Reynolds Market to bale their cardboard.

Cardboard brought to the recycling facility should be flattened and staples removed. Cardboard with oil or food stains or cardboard that is very dirty cannot be recycled.

More information about GROW and its activities is available on the GROW Glendive Recycles Our Waste Facebook page.

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