The gun-grabbers misuse a tragedy

Sunday, May 29, 2022

The gun-grabbers use a sickeningly-awful tragedy and immediately call for obliteration of the protection against government tyranny. Even those who use guns for their own personal protection hypocritically rallied.

Another law restricting individual possession and accessibility will not save one life! Law-abiding people don’t need another law restricting their ability to purchase and acquire, because we don’t NOT shoot people, irregardless. We have a moral compass. One thousand punitive, criminal, “preventive” gun laws would not have precluded another tragedy. How many laws did this sicko violate before he pulled the trigger?

The gun-control advocates are so predictable yet nothing changes. When will we talk about the real culprits? Since 2003, we have known (FDA) that psychiatric and antidepressant drugs increase suicidal and violent behavior.

From Thurston to Columbine to Sandy Hook, and Texas these kids were subjected to an onslaught of medications. Just read the side-effects of commonly used Paxil? When are we going to quit doping children for a quick fix?

What about our homes? That's a tough question, but as a society we must face the hard truth that turmoil at home is often associated with the perpetrators of these awful events. In case after case, the kid comes from a home in which the parents were divorced or never married: essentially fatherless.

What about our diets? Our lack of awareness about what we put in our bodies through our foods and our environment is pitiful. We walk around with chemical packs like ghost-busters because we don't like the weeds growing in the side-walks. When was the last time these shooters had a home-cooked meal made with real, whole ingredients? Professor Wendy Odd's study showed that our “western” diets (processed packaged food) increased the risk of depression in teenagers. Even the NIH associates diet quality to mental health.

Obviously, I'm not saying that if you are taking medication, enjoy McDonalds or don't have an involved father you are then going to become a terrible person. I am saying that blaming guns is ineffective and dangerous!

Nothing worthwhile is easy. Stopping kids from being harmed in their schools and homes IS worthwhile; the solution will not be easy.

We ALL need accountability! It is too easy to take a pill and hope our lives will change; to father a kid and not be responsible for their care, education and nurturing; and eat crap then take a pill to fix it.

The fact is that we are poorly nourished, have abandoned kids, and are too quick to medicate them afterwards. Then, when one of them cracks, we try to take the easy road and make yet another ineffective gun law. So, until “next time”, unless we address the real issues.

Luke Gambee