Guns and alcohol, what could possibly go wrong?

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dear Editor,

Guns and Alcohol

Ladies, it’s time to celebrate. We can now go out for drinks with our gal pals and feel safe because we have the new essential accessory – the purse holster. When Mr. Caveman hits on you and in general is being an annoying pest you whip out your elegant Glock 9 mm and shoot him in the....foot.

I suggest the foot so you won’t risk hitting an innocent bystander. Of course, your posse will draw bead on him too to discourage him from returning fire. Your friendly bartender’s job has gotten more difficult. He’s liable for over-serving a customer who goes out and gets in a wreck.

Now he has to face down an armed, aggressive drunk. What to do? Have a shotgun handy or maybe a bazooka? I’m thinking of starting up a pool and whoever guesses the date of the first shootout wins and the bonus would be awarded for getting the correct number of fatalities

Guns and alcohol. What could possibly go wrong?

Sincerely, Norma J. Sherman Glendive