GUSB actions are bullying

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Dear Editor:

Glendive Public School teachers, staff, & administration,

You are valued. You are supported. You are not easily replaced. You do know our children. You are qualified. You are appreciated. You should be respected.

Glendive Public School Board,

Bullying is against school policy, and it should be against board policy. We expect our children to exercise respect and we should expect the same from you. Saying things during an active meeting like:

‘Let them quit’

‘They can find a new job’

‘No teacher knows what’s best for my kid’

‘How hard is it to find a couple of teachers?’ (two days before school is slated to start)

‘Can we re-vote on that?’ (in reference to hiring our superintendent)

Have no place at the table of a school board meeting.

All of us should feel some level of concern related to the recent behaviors and actions of our school board, regardless of your feelings towards masks.

Jamie McMillan

Sarah Thorson

Sandy Johnson