Hinebauch is a fiscal conservative

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to a recent flier that I saw, which was prepared by Pat Mischel’s office. In the flier he compared Senator Hinebauch’s voting record, on a few select bills, to Pat’s contrasting thoughts. In my opinion that is comparing apples to oranges. In discussions with Senator Hinebauch, he reads the bills and reviews the Fiscal Note, which is prepared by the Governer’s office, to compare the financial/ social impact of each bill. Then he determines its affect on the State Budget, as the MT constitution requires a balanced budget. I would expect that Pat didn’t do a critical analysis of each of the bills. In addition, Pat’s answer to the problems seemed to be just add on more regulation, with no indication of how the bills are going to be paid. Many of the bills have a fiscal impact to your pocket book.

The Senators convene every two years and there are spproximately 3,000 votes on bills with the approximately 400 bills passed every other year. The budget increases each year and that cost will be every year, forever, plus inflation. You see what I’m getting at here. Helena needs some one with fiscal restraint.

Who is going to pay all these additional taxes? Welllll, that will be you and me and our neighbors. It sure won’t be our children and grandchildren. They won’t be able to live here with all those high taxes. They will have to move out of state to survive. Where are all the high paying jobs?

We’ll be setting on our couches every week end with crossed arms watching some game show waiting for our children to call and let us know how our grandchildren did in their out of state school games. Or maybe we’ll get notice by an old, cold text as late as sun. or mon., not soon enough that’s for sure.

Please join me in voting for Senator Steve Hinebauch. He is all for our freedoms and history shows he is a fiscal conservative with a good base of knowledge and sound judgement. While we are at it, join me in voting for Greg Gianforte for Governor. He knows how to bring those high paying jobs our kids and grandkids are being educated for, so they can stay in MT. He has done it before you know!

Hey, things are looking up already. You’ll need to buy those extra steaks and hamburger, the children will be coming over for the Bar B Q on weekends after the grandchildren’s games.

Be sure to vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Brose