Hodges News

A.l. Anderson
Sunday, July 18, 2021

In the Page from the Past in the Wibaux paper, was the Wibaux News by Marlene Welliever in 2001. It was always interesting to read about the people that visited the museum. Marlene always knew the history of everyone and all the history of the items in the museum. After Marlene was let go, we lost that information. After that, they even had Alida Herigstad pictures listed from Yates, Montana. Things were messed up. I haven’t been back to see if they changed all of it back the way Marlene had it set up.

Thursday morning (July 8), Arlene B. and I were at The Attic shopping. We had rolls and coffee with the volunteers. In addition, Vi and Anne came for rolls and coffee too.

The usual group met Friday morning for breakfast at CC’s Cafe. Gloria R. had breakfast with us too.

That evening, Sharon, Arlene B., Ardie, Carole, Fay, Bonnie and I had supper at the Gem in Wibaux. The next time we hope to go to Fallon for supper.

At the Goof Creek Golf Course, Nick Burman won the tournament. He won free club dues for two months.

Last Sunday, Tana was out to my place to help with my housework. It is always nice to have help.

Monday morning, we made our trip to Miles City for Vi’s eye doctor appointment. Their was Carole, Sharon and I making the trip with Vi. We had lunch at Wendy’s Cafe before going home.

Friends and relatives helped Tana celebrate her birthday at the Gust Hauf Friday evening. Mary Lee made a delicious birthday cake for Tana-which we all enjoyed.