Hodges News

A.l. Anderson
Sunday, October 10, 2021

Thursday afternoon, (Sept. 30) Cathi Monti from Berthold, North Dakota stopped at my place for a while. Cathy is interested in our family history and she came to the right place. We looked though pictures and family history for a few hours. I was very lucky as being the oldest grandchild of Arvid and Marie Anderson to have all this information. It would take another day or two to get though it all. Later that afternoon, Cathy went to Glendive to have supper with Tana and spend the evening with Tana. The next morning, Cathy met the Friday group for breakfast at CC’s Cafe. It is always nice to see Cathy, in some ways she reminds of her mother, Gloria Anderson. Her mother and I did travel around a lot, to Sweden, Jackson Hole, the Parks and it was very enjoyable.

Last Monday, I was at Tana’s home. Brooke and her are busy getting ready for the craft shows. They have ordered some very cute ceramic molds for the “Nine Live Shop”. They are pouring, firing and painting cute items. Later in the year, they plan to have kid’s ceramic classes. So far, am just watching them and maybe sitting at a craft show.

The other night, I had some coyotes very close to the house-it sounded like they could be in my yard. The cats were at the windows, having a little fit-this was about 2:00 in the morning. When I went out side all that I seen was a rabbit in the yard.

A former Hodges person was Arlene T. Berg born April 18, 1916 in Hodges to Anna and Swen Berg. She was baptized in Hodges and attended grade school at Hodges. Arlene graduated in 1934 from Glendive High School and then attended Eastern Montana Norma School at Billings. She taught in the rural schools at Wibaux County. Arlene married Blaine Lee in 1939. They had two children, Joseph and Linda. Blaine died and Arlene married Jack Bair in 1948. They moved to Washington in 1956. They have three children, Iris, Bonita nd Veron. Jack died in 2004 and Arlene died in 2008 and buried at Sunnyside, Washington.