Hodges News

A.l. Anderson
Thursday, November 18, 2021

On Friday, November 5, we had our usual breakfast at CC’s Café. Their was Carole, Sharon, Arlene B., Eula, Nancy, Rita, Vi, Brooke and Tana. We discussed the Zonta Craft Show, Blackie’s birthday party November 20 and a few other items.

That evening some of us went to the Gem in Wibaux for supper. Fay and I went to stop at the Wibaux newspaper office and put flowers on my parent’s graves at the cemetery. We had a very good meal at the Gem. Bonnie came from Baker and joined us for the evening. It is always nice to see her. Next time we will be going to the Yellowstone River Inn for supper (December 10).

Sunday, Tana brought lunch and after lunch, she did some mouse cleaning. We might be getting control of the mice.

The Nine Lives Ceramic shop has some new molds in, Tana and Brooke will be busy pouring them soon.

Tuesday afternoon, Kelly came to help put my bedroom back together. I hope we have that room clear of mice. Am getting my spring house cleaning done early.

The Hodges area had many men and women that were in the service though the years. A few of them were wounded in the service. Philip Anderson was with the fifth Army in Italy during the war, received the Purple Heart after being wounded. Obert Kartevold received the Purple Heart and Charles Laird. Harold Haughland enlisted in the army on 1-1-49. Harold was missing in action 12-2-1950. His father received the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism in Military action. Harold died at age 21 near Chasin Reservoir, Korea.